Is acupuncture safe?

The risk of acupuncture is low if you have a certified doctor. It is safe to say that acupuncture is one of the safest forms of medicine. Read More

Do acupunctures needles hurt?

Most of patinets dont feel pain, some patients are describing small disconfort when small needles are placed thourgh skin. Needles that are used in acupuncture are very small compared to other needles. Read More

How long will I be sleeping?

That depends on what surgery are you taking, sometimes it can take 30 minutes but simetimes it can be longer like one and half hours. After surgery is done you will wake up in a recovery room. Read More

Can I eat or drink before surgery?

If you are going for general anesthesia you will be asked not to eat 8 hours or drink water 2 hours before surgery so that food doesnt come back up from stomach into your lungs. Do not eat or drink anything, even clear liquids, during the 2 hours before your surgery. Read More