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Voluson Expert 22: The most advanced 4D ultrasound device in the world

From now on in the Cito Clinic you can find the most advanced 4D ultrasound machine, the Voluson Expert 22 from General Electrics.


With constant innovation, it makes it easy for you to collect more information at record speeds for even faster, sharper and clearer images. With the help of Voluson Expert 22, we achieve the display of critical details necessary for a reliable diagnosis.



Voluson Expert 22 Lyric Architecture

Lyric Architecture unlocks new imaging and processing power to achieve detailed, high-resolution images – independent of body habitus and other difficult scanning conditions.

  • Generates new levels of penetration, resolution and frame rate to reveal fine anatomy in 2D/3D/4D with ease
  • Enables uniformity of the entire image with increased spatial and contrast resolution
  • Works with our unique probe technology that offers advanced imaging capabilities
  • Opens the door to Voluson’s unique recording capabilities


Lyric Architecture enables you to set new standards in picture quality for years to come.


Winner of the Voluson Expert 22 Red Dot award

Recognized for design excellence, the Voluson Expert 22 is a 2022 Red Dot Award winner. Red Dot Award winners are judged and awarded based on outstanding design achievements and product innovation.

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