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New technology makes it possible to create a new “false” joint

RegJoint™ is a bioresorbable implant meant for surgical treatment for small joint arthrosis in hands and feet. It is a porous device made of well-known lactic acid based fibrous material. RegJoint™ is a tissue engineered solution using the body’s own healing mechanism to create a pseudo joint.

RegJoint™ is guiding normal scar formation in the joint cavity after a surgical operation, forming a flexible connective tissue. In 3 months this tissue is strong enough to act as a joint. Now RegJoint™ is no longer needed and its degradation starts. In 2 to 3 years RegJoint™ disappears from the joint cavity the only degradation products being water and carbon dioxide.


RegJoint™ has proven to provide excellent pain relief and functionality to operated joints for over 10 years.


Is RegJoint™ suitable for me?

  • Indicated in small joints in the hand and foot
  • For patients suffering from arthritis
  • A porous bioabsorbable, lactide small joint spacer
  • Implanted to replace cartilage and/or bone
  • The scaffold allows bone grafting at the time of implantation and provides temporary support and guidance to soft tissue in-growth to allow a gradual optimized replacement of the implant with fibrous tissue, providing a flexible, but durable pseudo joint.



  • Significantly improved functionality in the limbs
  • Significantly decreased pain when moving the limb
  • No weight or function restrictions after the rehabilitation period
  • The excellent appearance of operated limbs
  • No risk of implant breakage
  • No need for implant removal
  • Restoration of structure & function maintained


Clinical experience

Thousands of operated implants over the world with over 10 years’ follow-up times. Excellent clinical efficacy and high patient satisfaction with outstanding safety track record.

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